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2018 T4

Your T4 has been emailed to your district email address.
For assistance in accessing your district email, please see information below.
Still need help? Ask a co-worker or school office staff.
If the issue is that your password is not working call 250-498-3481 (0) for assistance.
SD53 Login: Access your leave history and enter a leave request, review your dispatches, enter your expense claim form all online by clicking on SD53 Login located at the top bar menu (far right) and login to your account.

SD53 Password: Every 425 days you are required to reset your password. 

To reset your password click here and 'Reset Password'. Ideally use a sd53 computer. Choose 'Change Password' (login includes Change it now! There's no need to wait!       

Office365: Your email log in is located on the top right blue menu bar that appears on every page of our new website. Click on Office365 to access your school district email, and check out the 'All Staff Group' (left side menu near the bottom you will see the title 'Groups'). In the 'All Staff Group' emails you will see every schools latest newsletter, workshop and training opportunities, and invites to school and district events and activities. Click on 'Files' (top menu bar or top mid page depending on your format) and access our SD53 Employee Handbook and Employee and Workplace Health information booklet.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): SD53 staff have access to district wifi when on site. To connect, select '53BYOD' wifi on your device, open a web page, login using your district login and password. Repeat every 30 days.  


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For this and other resources, view our SD53 Employee & Workplace Health Resource and Reference (link is to the right of this page) and go to the Wellness Directory.
Employee & Workplace Health Resource & Reference
Payroll & Benefit Questions
(press (9)(3)) 
Questions regarding hours/FTE/assignment
your supervisor directly