Indigenous Education Advocate FAQs

artWould you like a meaningful career
working in the k-12 education system?
Inieadigenous Education Advocates support Indigenous learners and the school population in Indigenous learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
What work is available?
We are currently hiring for temporary and relief positions. Relief work is on-call basis, to replace absent employees. 
Am I qualified?
To qualify for this position, you must have Indigenous ancestry*, grade 12 graduation plus 6 months experience working with children to obtain knowledge of the needs of Indigenous students and the resources and services available to them. (click here to link to our job description)
*NOTE: Our district has special program approval since 2011 from the BC Human Rights Tribunal to hire only candidates of Indigenous ancestry for this position.
What does the work involve?  Our advocates support Indigenous students and the school population in Indigenous learning. Advocates are supported by the district Indigenous teacher.
What is the pay?  Pay is $24.67 per hour
What are the hours?  Hours range from 4 to 7 hours per day 
Are IEAs in a union?  Yes, they are members of the CUPE Local 523 (click here to view the Collective Agreement)
How are relief IEAs dispatched?  Most calls are at 6:00 am the day of the shift; however, our automated dispatch system can call up to 3 weeks in advance, allowing the opportunity to plan ahead. 
Would I have to accept every shift offered?   Our relief staff are welcome to maintain a flexible schedule that fits in with their family life or other commitments. 
How do I apply? 
To apply, follow our application guidelines (click here).  Be sure to include a copy of your grade 12 graduation certificate, supervisory references, resume, cover letter and application form.  
Is there a test?
There is a literacy and numeracy assessment which becomes part of your application package.