Student Support Services

District Principal of Student Support Services is responsible for:

  • establish and maintain effective ways to identify and assess students
  • determine, plan, and organize services and programs
  • obtain and coordinate the fiscal and human resources needed to deliver a full range of programs and services
  • participate in community-level planning with other agencies and ministries in setting service priorities
  • participate in local inter-ministerial committees designed to provide coordinated services for children and youth
  • provide advice and assistance in the development of safe, caring and orderly schools
  • maintain information systems necessary for planning and reporting data on students
  • plan and coordinate staff development programs
SD #53 Special Services Resource Guide
This document provides contact information for various services available to children and adults with special needs or disabilities.
To assist school districts with determination of eligibility for identification of a student with diverse needs
moeClick here for Ministry of Education Resources for Parents/Caregivers of
Children with Disabilities and Diverse Abilities