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Our Schools

Principal: Amanda Palmer
Phone: 250-499-5617
517 School Road
Cawston BC V0X 1C1

 Principal: Jason McAllister
 Phone: 250-498-3468
 Box 989, 809 School Avenue
 Oliver BC V0H 1T0
Principal: Katie Poole
Phone: 250-497-5414
Box 6, 1141 Cedar St
Okanagan Falls BC V0H 1R0
Principal: Shannon Miller
Phone: 250-498-3415
6648 Park Drive
Oliver BC V0H 1T4
Principal: Dave Foster
Phone: 250-485-4444
Box 580, 8507 68 Ave
Osoyoos BC V0H 1V0

Principal: Stacey Smith 
Phone: 250-499-2727
830-2nd Ave
Keremeos BC V0X 1N2
Principal: Scott Tremblay
Phone: 250-485-4433
5800 - 115th St
Osoyoos BC V0H 1V4
Principal: Tracy Harrington
Phone: 250-498-4931
Box 990, 6140 Gala Street
Oliver BC V0H 1T0
Distributed Learning and Continuing Education
Principal: Will Eaton
Phone: 250-498-4597

Box 940, 762 Fairview Road
Oliver BC V0H 1T0

Phone: 250-498-4597 
5800 115 Street
Osoyoos BC V0H 1V4

Phone: 250-499-0040
900 Sparks Drive
Keremeos BC V0X 1NO

Phone: 250-498-4597
Box 940 (762 Fairview Rd)
Oliver BC V0H 1T0
Our school district communities include Hedley, Keremeos,
Cawston, Oliver, Osoyoos and Okanagan Falls and provide education to approximately 2,400 students.
View the satellite image of our school district area and school locations. 
School District No. 53
(Okanagan Similkameen)
Box 1770
6161 Okanagan Ave.
Oliver BC  V0H 1T0
1-888-498-8476 (toll free)