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Expense Claim Instructions

All employee expenses are submitted electronically.  To access the form, click on the 'SD53 Login' on the top blue menu bar at the far right of this website page.  Click on My Info/documents & eForm/eForms/My eForms List.  Click on Employee Travel Expense Claim and follow the prompts to complete and submit for approval/payment.
This form is to be used by employees to claim expenses incurred as permitted by Board policy C-1 Expenses.

It is not to be used for:
  • professional development activities funded by the Joint Professional Development Fund;
  • provisions in a collective agreement different to those on the form;
  • claims by individuals who are not employees of the Board.
Reimbursement for business use of a personal vehicle is paid per kilometre, measured from regular workplace to home or destination, whichever is closer. Receipts are not required to support mileage claims. Make sure that your vehicle is adequately insured before using it for school district business.  NOTE:  Mileage between home and work is not a claimable expense.
Receipts for meals are not required when the employee claims the per diem amount.  Do not claim for meals included in registration or conference fees.

Accommodation expenses must be supported by a receipt; if staying with relatives you may claim $30 per night.

All other expenses (including parking, ferries, buses and taxis) must be supported by receipts (which you will scan and upload to submit with your expense form submission).