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This unique program provides before and after school care for students in Kindergarten and Grade One and is currently available at Oliver Elementary School and Osoyoos Elementary School.


Early Childhood Educators welcome students into our before school daycare and continue on through the Kindergarten day supporting the classroom and working alongside the Kindergarten teacher(s). At the end of the school day, the Early Childhood Educators transition the children into our after-school daycare, continuing many themes and interests that were shared during the school day.


Our Seamless day Kindergarten provides consistency of caregivers and provides collaboration of all Educators in the best interests of the children. The team of educators include the classroom teacher(s) and two early childhood educators. With minimum transitions for the students, and team collaboration for the educators, students will excel in all aspects of their development.


Families have the most important role
in contributing to children's
wellbeing and learning!
Families are the first teachers,
the primary caregivers
and the knowledge-holders of their children
Ministry of Education
Guide for Families
Early Learning Framework
The pilot program was initiated at Oliver Elementary School September 2019.
SD 53 Year 2 
Research and Evaluation
Report available 
SD53 Pilot
Year 1: Research & Evaluation Report available