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Mission Statement
sysyuselx iʔ scm̓amayaʔ. maʔɬspuʔusəlx aɬiʔ iʔ sqilxʷ cawtət kʷu_px̌am. ixiʔ x̌spiwt.
‘Enhancing students’ pride and success through traditional
Okanagan and Similkameen people`s ways of learning.’

We honor the traditions of the sukənaqin* and sməlqmix* people and support their commitment to the preservation of nsíyilxcən* and culture, and further, we acknowledge the nsíyilxcən as the principle language of this territory.  Our enhancement agreement honors our partnerships and recognizes the collective responsibility for the success of all Indigenous learners.The Indigenous Education Advisory Council represents interests in the design, implementation and assessment of programs and services to improve the school experience and academic achievement of Indigenous students.

EPIC (Experiential, Project-based, Indigenous, and Community) is an inclusive program designed to engage students in a variety of challenging learning experiences. The program emphasizes project-based, experiential learning for all students who will come to understand the First Nations Principles of Learning. Click here. 
First Nations Health Authority
District Contacts
Marcus Toneatto
Director of Learning and Inquiry
Helen Gallagher
District Indigenous Teacher