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 BC Training and Education Savings Program Grant Letter to Parents 
This letter is for parents/guardians of all students born in 2006 to advise your child may be   eligible for a $1,200 BC Training and Education Savings Grant. Additional promotional  materials are also available for your use if you are interested.
The internet can be a fascinating place for a family to visit. Here are some excellent recommendations. Enjoy! Please contact our webmaster if you discover a website that would you would like to have included or if you have any concerns ([email protected]).

Microsoft, in cooperation with the Naperville (Ill.) Police Department's Internet Crimes Unit (NPD) and the Illinois Attorney General's Internet Task Force, created the Safekids Web to help parents and educators teach children the fundamental "rules of the road" for safe exploration on the information highway.

This meta site lists dozens of excellent resources to help guide families down the information

Blocking Software References (the listings below are references only - NOT recommendations or endorsements.)

Consumer Reports has an article on the relative effectiveness of software designed to restrict access to miners

Created by Dennis Boals, this page offers 203 links to a wide variety of information sources of interest to parents. There is something for kids and families

RCMP provide internet safety resources - click here for information!  Be internet aware! Keep your children internet safe!
Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines Information