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French Immersion

Late French Immersion at Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary School (Oliver)


How to register for the 2019-2020 Late French Immersion Program:


Attend our parent information session on Monday, January 28, 2109 at 5:30 pm in Ms. Simpson’s French Immersion classroom at Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary School.


What Is Late French Immersion?

Late French Immersion programs vary across BC and the Yukon. They usually involve two to three years of intensive instruction in French and a follow-up program of less intensity. At Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary, Late French Immersion starts in Grade 6.  All academic instruction for our grade 6s, with the exception of PE and music, is in French.  In the following year, English Language Arts is reintroduced to our grade 7s.


What are the program goals?

  • To develop language skills enabling students to participate easily in French conversation.
  • To provide an insight into the French culture.
  • To have the option to pursue post-secondary education with French as the language of instruction.
  • To gain employment using French as the working language.
  • To achieve skills in all subject areas equivalent to those in the English program.
  • To graduate functionally bilingual in English and French.


How is Late French Immersion taught?

Students are taught the same curriculum as English students but the language of instruction is French.  At first, students have limited vocabulary so teachers concentrate on language.  Later as language skills develop, the smaller details are filled in.  The method used is very similar to that used in English as a Second Language classes - it is a proven methodology.


What characteristics do students need to be successful?

  • Motivation to learn
  • Openness to learning in another language
  • Eagerness to meet new friends and have new experiences
  • Willingness to work hard, especially in the initial fall term when learning basic language skills
  • Enjoyment of language activities and a willingness to spend lots of time chatting to friends in class en français!  


What do parents need to do to support their children? 

It is not a requirement that parents understand or speak French at home. Many actually don’t. Parents can play an active role in their child's success in a number of ways:


Provide encouragement - especially during the fall term when students acquire basic language skills.

Be willing to help with homework, letting the student do the translations.

Provide opportunities for your child to hear and use French outside the classroom.

Know there is support for you and your child through CPF-BC & Yukon

Recognize your child's wonderful accomplishments!


What about the students' academic achievements?

Research shows there is absolutely no detrimental effect on academic performance in any subject area despite learning in a new language. A larger English vocabulary could be a spin-off as French words are often similar to English words. In the BC Foundation Skills Assessments in Grades 4 &7 students are tested in English in reading, writing and numeracy.  French Immersion students do as well as or better than students in the English program at all grade levels.


Progression of Learning French in Grade 6 Late French Immersion


December….. January


Speaks a bit in French

Speaks in short, complete sentences

Speaks in  longer sentences

Listens a lot

Speaks about concrete things

Can participate in an abstract conversation

Has limited comprehension

Has an average comprehension (60% of message)

Comprehends more complex written messages

Tries to make sense of words

Comprehends written messages with short, simple sentences


Gains confidence in abilities

Has acquired confidence

Is comfortable in a variety of situations

Takes risks

Takes risks

Takes risks

Uses his/her abilities in English to make sense of what the teacher is saying

Starts to talk to other students in French

Is able to go beyond what is given

Becomes familiar with sounds and routines

Starts to self-correct and recognize errors

Works independently



What about high school? 

South Okanagan Secondary School (SOSS) offers an accelerated French program for Tuc-el-Nuit French Immersion graduates. Students transitioning to SOSS may register in either French 8, or French 9, as well as Spanish 9.