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Links is a fantastic FREE office suite that will also read and write MSOffice files (Mac
StarOffice is a commercial version of OpenOffice with several extras (but free for schools)
Download Centre for StarOffice and other SUN Microsystems products
A great Spyware blocker and scanner        
Free version of AVG Antivirus, a good antivirus free for Home users        
ANTIVIR, Another Free antivirus program
(We really appreciate all the donated computers our district has received from them!)
Encorp's web site on Electronics Recycling in BC
The Source by Circuit City
ONE Information Technology      
Lots of Hardware info
Seagate-software and hardware
Northern Computers      
Kelowna based store
Great source for all kinds of memory        
what is...just about anything
hard drive manufacturer    
great site for windows shareware and freeware
For Mac, Windows, Linux, and PDA
Novell's Support site (we use Novell at several schools)
The Provincial Learning Network (they are getting internet to every school in the province)
Penticton and Kelowna Kamloops Computer Dealer
( now a part of Symantec )
Macintosh Stuff
Apple Laserwriter       
Apples laserwiter software-all versions 
MacScan - A Spyware Scanner for Mac's  (OS X and Classic)

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