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Important Tips

* If you've downloaded the FirstClass client and have it gives you an error trying to log on, make sure you have the server name entered correctly.  At the top of the FirstClass login you should see Server: ,  If that isn't there, just type into the Address box and then click save.  Now it should connect ok.

* Sending Messages:  Be sure to press enter (or on the web click Add) after entering a To or CC address.  FirstClass will give you a bad address error if you haven't done that.  If you entered an address properly it should give you a small icon to the left of the email addresses (such as a small person icon, or an address book icon).

* If you save files to your FirstClass desktop or folders, always remember that FirstClass allows duplicate filenames. Therefore if you download a file, then work on it, then copy it back to FirstClass, you will have 2 files with the same name. Only the date and time will change. You can delete the older one.  (This is only important to anyone who wants to work on files somewhere other than at their regular computer) (if your only sharing one document for others to view, you won't usually need to copy files back onto FirstClass a 2nd time)  **  Another easier way to work on documents that you want to share, or to be able to edit from anywhere, is to create the document in FirstClass.  Just go to the area or folder you want the document in and Choose File and NEW DOCUMENT (or NEW Document Special), and begin typing your work.   You could also copy and paste an existing document from MSWord for example into the FirstClass Document.  The FirstClass document then becomes accessible no matter what computer your on, even if it doesn't have the right Application.

* It is also possible to share documents by placing them in Conferences.  Ie:  a newsletter, or a blank for for Field trip permissions, etc could be put in a conference such as the Schools Staff Area.  Then it's available for any staff member to download, without having to send a copy to each person separately.

* Messages in First Class have an expiry of one year.  Other files and documents you place in first class have no expiry.  If you wish to keep some messages past one year you can export them to your local computer, or export them to a document.

* Setting Reply Options.  As a default, First Class may reply to all recipients, and not just the original sender.  To fix this, go into either the First Class client or the web-based login and go to Preferences.  To fix this using the client, go to Edit and then down to Preferences.  Click on the "Messaging" tab and in the first field where it says 'Reply Preference" change that field from "Automatic" to "Reply Sender" and exit.  To fix this using the Web-based login, click on the Preferences button at the top (it is the fifth icon on the top).  That will open a web page with your preferences. Scroll down until you get to the Messaging area and in there will be a field called "Reply Preference".  Change the field from "Automatic" to "Reply Sender" and exit.

If your school is intereste we can create Conferences and Calendars for whatever you want. Such as a conference for sports, or for meetings, or a particular subject. Or a calendar for booking of rooms, or for booking of equipment, etc. Please let me know if your interested in any,
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When adding links in Home Page Construction Kit (HCK), use the forward slash '/' not the backslash '\' because Netscape has trouble with the forward slash. (Home Page Construction Kit 3 is now available in the All Staff area)
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