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SD53 Technology Summary

Approximately 1200 laptop and desktop computers and several hundred tablets and Ipads.
- Consisting mostly of HP and Lenovo brand computers.
- About one third of those are leased and refreshed on a 4 year lease.  The rest are either donated from other government offices and the BC Technology for Learning Society, or were bought out from previous leases.
- Nearly every classroom in the district has a smartboard and digital projector.
- Over 30 physical servers.  2 per school and several in the board office.  Each server actually hosts several virtual servers using VMWare.
- We operate over 60 virtual servers running functions:
  • web servers for each schools
  • email
  • email virus and spam firewall
  • digial fax
  • voicemail
  • Phone system
  • Digital PA and clock at 5 sites
  • file and print services at each school
  • services to link with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Education (G-Suite)
  • Accounting and payroll on an HP I64 server
  • Absence and substitute dispatch servers
  • HVAC monitoring services
  • Wireless network controll and monitor servers
  • Wired network controll and monitor
  • Firewall management
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Moodle
  • Video security servers at 5 schools
  • Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager for system imaging, application deployment, antivirus management and much more (this also consists of a secondary server at each school to reduce bandwidth usage over the WAN)
  • Bussing data and mapping
  • and more....

Malware and Spyware:
There are a lot more threats to computers besides viruses.  Viruses and Spyware and also now Malware.
Please have a look at these links to get more information and resources.

Our District would like to thank British Columbia Technology for Learning Society
and It's volunteers for all the computers our district has received.

Here is a problem I've never come accross before.
The mouse is supposed to be on the outside of the computer!  :)
What's hiding in your computer?


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