Aboriginal Education Advisory Council
The purpose of the Aboriginal Education Advisory Council (AEAC) is to support, enhance and increase school success for Aboriginal learners in School District No. 53.  The Council will represent Aboriginal interests in the design, implementation and assessment of programs and services that will improve the school experience and academic achievement of Aboriginal students.  
In addition the AEAC will:
  • monitor the implementation of the Enhancement agreement;
  • evaluate performance data and Aboriginal programs;
  • ensure that social, emotional and academic needs are considered;
  • share information about programs;
  • recommend and facilitate the implementation of new programs to provide better service to Aboriginal students; and
  • provide strong communication and connection with Band Councils and other Aboriginal groups served by the District.
The AEAC will be composed of the following members appointed by their organization.
  • School District:  Trustee, superintendent designate, district Aboriginal teacher, elementary school administrator, secondary school administrator.
  • Three representatives from each of the bands*.
  • One representative of parents of students with Aboriginal ancestry for the South Okangan Valley and one for the Similkameen Valley.
  • Similkameen Schools and Southern Okanagan Schools:  Two student representatives each, one for grades 6-9, one for grades 10-12 (see Definitions for election criteria).
Various groups and/or individuals may be invited to meetings to participate in discussions and provide information as appropriate (eg. Aboriginal education support workers, school administrators, band workers, etc).  These guests do not have a vote in decisions.
Meeting Summaries:
        November 22, 2016       
        October 11, 2016        
        November 24, 2015       
        September 22, 2015      
        May 12, 2015    
        February 17, 2015       
        November 18, 2014       
        October 7, 2014 
        May 13, 2014    
        February 18, 2014       
        November 19, 2013       
        September 24, 2013      

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